Coste del Gaggio


The bed & breakfast is mirror of our life choice: growing local products with the highest possible respect for nature. We began in 2021 the organic certification process, to give our guests greater safety and added value.


The coexistence between sun exposure – from morning to evening – and the Ora del Garda wind, cooling the hot summer air during the afternoon, allows the growth of particularly tasty vegetables. About one hectare of land surrounds the B&B, where we grow vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, eggplants, peppers, different types of cabbages, salads and potatoes, cereals such as corn and wheat as well as olive trees.

The land is our greatest heritage, to be preserved and understood because it is our source of life.

We keep the land fertile with natural practices such as crop rotation, green manure, shallow plowing and the use of organic fertilizers from from small mountain stables.



We do not grow in greenhouses, our vegetables grow in the open air, with direct sunlight, getting wet with dew and rain. This makes them perhaps less perfect, but definitely much tastier and more nutritious.

We pack and supply to individuals, groups, and small local retailers 5 kg or 10 kg baskets with our seasonal vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, cucumbers, different types of cabbages, pumpkins, beans, salad, peppers, eggplants, basil, beetroot, radicchio, onions and potatoes.


Our yellow mountain potatoes, sown in our fields that drain the water from the mountain, are one of our most interesting products. They have intense flavor and are perfect both fried and for “tortel” a typical potato cake of our region. A wonderful dish together with typical salami, mountain cheese and cabbages dressed with Garda Trentino extra virgin olive oil and apple balsamic vinegar.

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The grain we use is a careful selection of different varieties of ancient grains including the Red Corn from Storo and the Spin Corn from Valsugana. Grains are traditionally dried in the air for over 3 months. The wholemeal flour preserves all its flavor and nutrients intact.

It is a delicious dish accompanied with Tosella cheese, mushrooms or a traditional goulash.

The Cavedine Valley has always been a suitable place in Trentino region to grow cereals thanks to the sun and the influence of the mild temperature of Lake Garda. This year we are growing our first wheat, Bolero variety. It can be used to prepare home-made bread, pizza, pasta and cakes. You can also enjoy our home-made bread, sweets and cakes for breakfast at Coste del Gaggio.

Valle dei Laghi and Santa Massenza represent the northern limit of the Mediterranean olive cultivation. Thanks to this particular microclimate, an extra virgin olive oil is produced with a delicate flavor and rich in oleic acid, an element that has beneficial effects on human health too.

We have recently planted 46 olive trees, preserving biodiversity and choosing different species such as Frantoio, Leccino, Bianchera and Pendolino.

Our young trees are still growing and our extra virgin organic olive oil Garda Trentino will be available in few years, rigorously cold pressed.

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